Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday!

In honor of Michelle's 17th Birthday today, she gets to have the first pic on the blog!

So as I (Jennie) was creating my blog, I told mom we should make one for them while we were at it. She said I would probably have to do the updates on it, but to go ahead. (Michelle has since said she would do it so I didn't have to keep two updated.)
What a great Christmas we had at the Garrett's! We were so lucky to have the Urmstons come stay with us. Also, Jennie, Miles and Adison, Jeff and Heather, Lance and Krista, Angie, Cooper, Lainey, Sophie and Matt came out and stayed. (Hopefully none of us have overstayed our welcome..) We have had many guitar hero sessions and multiple Wii tournaments to keep us entertained. Way to go Miles on winning the bowling tournament! (Sorry Jeff!) The kids went tubing down the hill and behind the four wheeler a lot since it snowed on Christmas and it is still snowing 4 days later! Mom and Linda spent LOTS of time making Courtnie's wedding dress, but it sure is beautiful! What a sad day tomorrow will be when the Urmstons pack up and head back to Sunny California and take Becca with them. She had decided on a change and will be moving in with Candice to gain residency in California and attend college there. We all will enjoy the next week of laziness before everyone has to return to school/work!